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Dear Friends, mono.kultur #45 is our homage to the great mythical city that is New York. And who better to talk to about New York than Richard Price? The acclaimed writer gained international attention with novels such as #Clockers and Lush Life, and his work for numerous films and television serials, including #TheNightOf and #TheWire. But what he is really known for are his gritty observations of urban life and sharp ear for the rhythms of language. While books by #RichardPrice are usually filed in the crime section, they easily transcend all genres with their precise and tender depictions of New York life on street level. Embracing multiple perspectives, his novels dissect the clash of different realities within the same block, listening in on ‘the liars, the heroes, the killers, the killed, the stunned, the clownish, the helpless, the bereaved‘. In a conversation peppered with anecdotes and bebop, Richard Price talked to mono.kultur about the need to live in order to write, working for Hollywood, and why hanging out is a professional matter. Visually, the conversation with Richard Price found its perfect sparring partner in a selection of images by cab driver turned photographer Joseph Rodriguez. And, just between us, we are proud to feature our very first ever foil embossed cover, in the honourable tradition of pulp novels. Available as ever through our online store www.mono-konsum.com, or at the trusted book dealer of your choice very soon indeed. Enjoy and all our best, mono.kultur – mono.kultur #45 RICHARD PRICE: NEW YORK A.M. “I need to be ever present.” Spring 2018 / English / 15 x 20 cm / 52 Pages Printed on Two Different Stocks of Paper / Cover with Foil Embossing – Interview by Max Nelson Photography by Joseph Rodriguez @rollie6x6 Design by mono.studio

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