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Hop & Barley Volume 09 – The Homebrew Issue. This volume is inspired by the homebrewers; the amateur alchemists who regularly commit themselves to a weekend of wort. From buckets in basements, to Grainfathers in garages, these people are united by a common cause: to brew great beer. This volume takes a comprehensive look at Britain’s homebrewing culture; from a once tightly regulated pastime, through to today’s ‘brew it yourself’ revolution. From the homebrewers of Greater Manchester to the professional brewers sharing their recipes, it’s a theme characterised by a sense of community and collaboration. It’s paved the way for a new generation of talented brewers, and has uncovered stories of people who have turned their passion into their profession. From Andy Parker, homebrew champion turned professional brewer, to the wave of farmhouse breweries emerging in East Anglia. This volume also takes a look at those who have found an alternative route into brewing; including a group of winemakers who have dismissed the grape for the grist; and a former dental surgeon who, inspired by his mother’s traditional Indian cooking, created a spicy snack now synonymous with the British beer festival. Available to order (link in bio), pick up in stores, or read inline @issuu #craftbeer #realale #beer #brewing #homebrewing #homebrew #indiemags

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