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Finally! Our new Print Issue #35 “Magical Places” now available <3 Please find stockist list and our webstore on www.c-heads.com Do you remember this feeling when time seems to stop in certain places? And at the same time everything starts to turn all around. How intense it felt? For this issue, together with great artists such as the legendary British photographer @terryoneillofficial, French model @maelysbabyliss of MD Management on the cover photographed by @marcorothenburger and @katarinahildebrandt, popular American songstress @maggielindemann, German model @swalina, Motoko Watanabe and Shaul Margulies – the founders of House of @houseofsmallwonderberlin, L.A photographer @darren_ankenman and @grahamdunn, and many more, we immerse into a visual journey of stunning photography in beautiful places and questions about the meaning of home, life-changing travel experiences and magical hiding places as a child. contents: Francesca photographed by Miguel Triano in Ibiza on film Natasja photographed by Lucia Tentor and Luca Cadamuro in Miami A talk with Terry O’Neill A London Hotel Room. Roxana by Ola Ajani A talk with Swantje Paulina Wördemann photographed by Vivian Hoorn x Catwalk Junkie in Paris A talk with Maggie Lindemann by Lauren Engel in Los Angeles A talk with Graham Dunn Maëlys photographed by Marco Rothenburger and Katarina Hildebrandt A talk with Leah photographed by Garey Quinn The Loft. Bianca by Jörg Billwitz Hong Kong by Alex Castro Moore A talk with Motoko Watanabe and Shaul Margulies – the founders of House of Small Wonder in Berlin Berlin Girls. A talk with Melina & Leni photographed by Ron Flieger Early Spring in Ibiza Carla Guetta Cohen by Delphine Brunner Bali Dreams. Heidi photographed by Lennart Bader She loved the sea. Coral by Ivo Lázaro A talk with Sam Livm A talk with Darren Ankenman #cheadsmagazine

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