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It’s here. Introducing Autre’s 8th issue, featuring the inimitable Pope Of Trash himself, JOHN WATERS, in conversation with LA-based artist and musician SETH BOGART. It’s the filthiest and most entertaining interview we have ever published. (Preorder link In bio) We also visit the midnight movie Psychomagic mystic, ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY at his apartment in Paris for a conversation with writer PATRICK STEFFEN about beauty, reality, and sex as a creative energy. You will also find conversations between curator HAMZA WALKER and Sonic Youth’s KIM GORDON, celebrated California Minimalists HELEN PASHGIAN and LARRY BELL talk about Light and Space then and now, DONNA HUANCA discusses her solo museum exhibition at the Marciano Foundation with LITA ALBUQUERQUE, and A Cold Wall*’s SAMUEL ROSS sits down with industrial designer, RON ARAD on working class architecture. In addition, URS FISCHER, choreographer MADELINE HOLLANDER, AND JEFFREY DEITCH discuss art in the age of cobotics. We also talk to photographer PAUL MPAGI SEPUYA on the pornography of images, artist CHRISTINA QUARLES on fragmented figuration, and we sit down WITH CONNAN MOCKASIN for dessert at The Lodge Room in Los Angeles. In this issue, you will also find an essay on TOMASO BUZZI’S erotic city an hour north of Rome with photographs by MATTHEW MODINE, and an essay by photographer MATTHEW ROLSTON on the legend of Harper’s Bazaar editor, Carmel Snow. Lastly, we collaborated with OLD PAL (sharable cannabis) on a limited-edition, 50-page supplement featuring 38 Los Angeles-based artists called DID THE EARTH MOVE FOR YOU? Photographed by BENNET PEREZ, with an introduction by PETER SHIRE, it features indelible portraits of a unique creative generation in the new cultural epicenter of the world: Los Angeles. Only 500 of these special documents exist. The first 100 orders online will receive a FREE copy. #johnwaters #sethbogart #alejandrojodorowsky #petershire #tomasobuzzi #italy #print #ursfischer #helenpshgian #print #pencilthinmustache #film #cinema #pinkflamingos #femaletrouble #arthouse #multiplemaniacs

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